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CertifiedZ DayZ community is a heavily configured and modded community who work towards making DayZ enjoyable again and making sure experience people witness is smooth, we hate laggy or rubber banding issues so we work on it constantly. CertifiedZ owner Callatic has ran many different game server's in the past across a whole set of different game's and has the experience to actually manage a DayZ community in the right fasion and way. We have set up many different place's and feature's for our DayZ player's to witness and experience and to make sure you always have something to work towards, we hate early wipes so we also will be doing community auction's which is doing in game auction's by Callatic himself which he will auction off items in game that are inaccessible or not buy able to remove economy from the server to help increase the length of a players experiences, here below you can also see a quick picture and sneak of the places you can actually visit on CertifiedZ.

Altar Safezone

Here at our main safezone, you can do everything and buy everything, its a safezone so meaning you can't be killed and can get to know people. It offer's a vehicle trader including a aircraft trader where only one the hummingbird can be bought


Here is our 2nd safezone, its practically the same as Altar but instead it does not have a aircraft trader, it also features the garage where you can input your vehicles etc and get them out


At black market trader's, it is KOS. Anybody can kill you so be careful, here is where all the helicopter's can be bought including armored vehicles, and many more.

Remember there is a risk because it has no bank meaning you have to travel with the cash in and get out with your bought item.

Oil Rig high mil

Here you can only access with a helicopter, it contains of constant high military loot which is in the south map in the seas, easy to find once found. Remember could be other people here waiting





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